Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Opinion: What can Welsh Companies do to stop employees coming to work sick? - Cardiff Business Week

Opinion: What can Welsh Companies do to stop employees coming to work sick? - Cardiff Business Week: New research of 1,300 employees published by the independent job site, CV Library, has found that two thirds of UK workers turn up at the office when they are sick, despite the fact the majority of them (84.3%) believe that employees shouldn’t come to work unwell. It appears that guilt is the main driving force …

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The language of appraisals

Just because we are a developer of Appraisals Software doesn't mean the Activ Appraisals team don't have a sense of humour.  This cartoon may be tongue in cheek, but sadly it is the fly-by-seat approach to conducting appraisals that can be adopted by line managers.

We know that HR Managers know how to do appraisals in such a way that it leaves employees more motivated and engaged - but here's a post on some of the politically correct language to describe certain office behaviours during appraisals.  It made us smile so we decided to share:

"Good at identifying management problems": Moans a lot
"Gets along extremely well with superiors and subordinates alike": A coward.
"Happy": Paid too much.
"Hard worker": Usually does it the hard way.
"Indifferent to instruction": Knows more than superiors.
"Internationally known": Likes to go to conferences and trade shows in Las Vegas.
"Is well informed": Knows all office gossip and where all the skeletons are kept.
"Inspires the cooperation of others": Gets everyone else to do their work.
"Is unusually loyal": Wanted by no-one else.
"Keen sense of humour": Knows lots of dirty jokes.
"Keeps informed on business issues: Subscribes to Playboy and National Enquirer.
"Listens well": Has no ideas of his own and never contributes to discussions.
"Maintains a high degree of participation": Comes to work on time.
"Maintains professional attitude": A snob.
"Meticulous in attention to detail": A nitpicker.
"Mover and shaker": Favours steamroller tactics without regard for other opinions.

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Two thirds of UK Employees claim they work whilst sick, citing guilt as the reason

Two thirds of UK Employees claim they work whilst sick, citing guilt as the reason

Activ Absence Director Adrian Lewis comments on this story from CV Library.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Rewarding Core Values Improves Company Performance | Psych Central News

Rewarding Core Values Improves Company Performance | Psych Central News:

New research suggests employee performance evaluations should include recognition for those who epitomize company values such as honesty and respect to others.

Baylor University researchers believe employees should be rewarded for 'walking the walk' as the internal recognition sends the right signal to employees. They believe supporting the link between company values and employee actions will help to reduce turnover and can improve performance. The management strategy is consistent with the declaration and promotion of company values such as honesty and respect. Recognizing individual actions that represent company values is being championed by public relations, marketing, and human resources departments in prominent companies, researchers discovered. Building a business reputation from the inside out -- with employees giving a company high marks as an ethical place to work -- is increasingly being hailed as a way to get a leg up on the competition, right alongside customer service.. read more

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Parents want workplace flexibility, not just shared parental leave, says Lewis

Over a year on from the introduction of the right to Shared Parental Leave new research has revealed that only around two per cent of fathers are taking this up.

Law firm EMW released figures this week that show that just 3,000 couples were taking up the new rights during the first three months of this year, compared with 155,000 mothers on old-style maternity leave and 52,000 of fathers on paternity leave.

Adrian Lewis, Director at Activ Absence said he wasn’t surprised by these figures as many